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  Multilingual Legal Services

At Metrotown Law Group we believe everyone deserves high quality legal services in a language they can understand. Unlike some firms that offer an interpreter, our linguistic specialists work on your case and offer you assistance on every step of the way. Not only do we understand your language, but we also understand your culture. In many cases we can refer you to a network of doctors, therapists, counselors and other professionals, who speak your language, understand your background, and can assist you with your case. When it comes time for settlement or trial, we make sure your linguistic and cultural background is respected, and used to your advantage.

  Free Initial Consultation

At Metrotown Law Group we believe every potential client deserves a professional legal consultation to discuss their case. That is why we offer a free initial consultation provided your case falls within our practice group. If we cannot meet with you or take your case, many times we can provide an expert referral to another lawyer or law firm who may be able to help. With our free initial consultation, you have nothing to lose by calling. In fact, calling us early may make the difference between success and failure in your case, and in protecting your rights.

  Expert Medical Assessments

At Metrotown Law Group, we know that personal injury cases are won or lost based on the evidence. Some of the most important evidence relates to medical opinions. We have access to numerous specialists who can assess you and present evidence on your behalf. Our extensive experience in personal injury allows us to select the best experts for you and we cover the cost of their involvement until the end of your case.

  Home and Hospital Visits

At Metrotown Law Group, we know that getting around after a serious accident can be extremely difficult. That is why we offer home and hospital visits. If you are injured in an accident and cannot get to our office, we will come to you… at no charge. We will bring all the forms you need, give you an expert legal consultation, and start working on your case even before you leave the hospital. That way, you can be sure your legal rights are protected from the very beginning.

  Evening and Weekend Appointments

At Metrotown Law Group, we value our clients' trust in our legal services. If you are working or going to school, or have family commitments that make it difficult for you to see us during regular office hours, call us for an evening or weekend appointment. No one should sacrifice their legal rights because it was too difficult to see a lawyer.

  24 Hour Emergency Hotline

At Metrotown Law Group, we know that sometimes a legal problem cannot wait until “the next business day”. That is why we offer a 24-hour Mandarin and English hotline, staffed by one of our senior case managers. If they cannot answer your question, they have access 24/7 to any one of our legal professionals. They will make sure you get the legal help you need as quickly as necessary.

  Full Service Case Management

At Metrotown Law Group, we believe one of the most important things in achieving a good legal outcome and a happy client is case continuity. For that reason, every client is given a specific case manager who knows every aspect of their case and can provide prompt, knowledgeable and helpful assistance on every step of the way. Full Service Case Management is the most important thing we do to take care of your case so that you can get on with your life.


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