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Car Accident

Car Crash Lawyer A claim that your car is worth less because of a car accident is called an accelerated depreciation claim. These types of claims are typically brought as part of a personal injury claim and usually only succeed if the car that was damaged is of high value, sold or traded-in for substantially less value because of its accident history and there is expert evidence that the reduction in value was due to the car accident. Accelerated depreciation claims are hard to advance and do not succeed in most cases. However, the amount ICBC pays for damage to a car is usually much less than the amount an injured person can recover from ICBC after an accident. Therefore, for most people, the value of their injury is much more important than the value of their car.

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At Metrotown Law Group we only represent injured people. Once we are retained, we revoke any authorizations ICBC has so it cannot obtain any medical records without going through us first. We also communicate with ICBC for you and provide a safe and confidential sounding board for you to discuss things about your personal injury claim without worrying that the things you say can be used by ICBC against you. Consultations are free and have no obligation. Don’t make any decisions regarding your ICBC personal injury claim without talking to Metrotown Law Group first

Metrotown Law Group offers risk-free, contingency billing for car accident claims. This means our legal fee will be a percentage of your personal injury settlement or judgment and is not payable until you get your money from ICBC. In the event you recover nothing for your case, you will owe us nothing. We can guarantee this because with nearly 20 years of combined experience, and over thousands of car accident cases, Metrotown Law Group has never failed to get fair compensation for a client with an ICBC injury claim


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